DA Bomb - Ferdinand

DA Bomb - "Ferdinand"

DA BOMB - "Ferdinand"

DOB: 10/30/2014
COLOR:  Parker brown and white, spot on forehead, specks on topline and underline

While the owners of GBC Longhorns were visiting Rolling D Ranch, a young, curious bull calf followed them, looking for attention.  You guessed it, Ferdinand found a new home.  He is now GBC's senior herd sire.  Ferdinand consistently sires more heifers than bulls.  By the way, you can still go out and pet Ferddie;  he loves to have the spot behind his horns scratched!  And he makes an excellent babysitter for the calves when the cows wander off on their own.

JP Rio Grande --25/3 (LH) -- BI72006*
Bomber Chex 80 -- 833 (RR) -- BI80711*
BL Pretty Bomber -- 132 (RR) -- C208373
Dunn Gun Bomber -- 014 (LR) -- BI84692*
Gun Power -- 172 (LR) -- BI68636*
Dunn Gunner -- 804 (LR) -- CI266975*
Horseshoe J Showdunn -- 820 (LS) -- C209157
Headliner FF248 -- 248 (LS) -- B46475
J S Overdrive -- 8-99 (LS) -- B65681
Overlynn -- 19/9 (RH) -- C152987
Job Well Dunn -- 702 (LR) -- C253603
Donovans Emperor -- 610 (LS) -- BA61436
Horseshoe J Pebbles - 814 (LS) -- C193758
SWR Sassy Pebbles -- 120/4 (LS) -- C157708

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